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Pergolas are decorative shade structures that are rapidly gaining  popularity not just for private residences but for a variety of buildings and environments. Commercial buildings, apartment complexes, restaurants, and parks are some of the many places these beautiful structures can be found. Pergolas give you a sense of a private space without eliminating light and air. Decorative end cuts, corbels, bases and collars are just some of the unique features that dress a pergola. Whether you want your pergola attached to your home, your deck, or as a free standing structure, CFC can make it happen. Looking to install it yourself? We also offer individual pieces or kits.

Three types of pergolas are available from CFC: Trex Pergola and custom wood pergolas. Visit our pergola gallery for more examples the variety of pergolas we have built. Imagine the possibilities for your own space!

Pergolas provided by CFC Fences & Decks


Trex®Pergola™ are pre-cut packaged into kits for easy construction. They are perfect for do-it-yourselfers and contractors alike. Available in nine standard colors as well as a nearly endless supply of custom colors, your outdoor space can be tailored to your particular tastes. For more information on this elegantly and sturdy  shade structure , visit our Trex®Pergola™  page.


Wood Pergolas

Wood offers a traditional feel for yard shade structures. Maintaining a wood structure will take more time than a composite pergola, but with a virtually unlimited number of design options, wood is often the best choice. Visit our wood pergola gallery to explore the possibilities for your yard and home.

Trex Pergolas Utah

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