Deck Fasteners

In the decking world, one of the latest breakthroughs was the invention of a hidden fastening system. Hidden Fasteners are growing more and more popular and more and more contractors and homeowners are using them to install their deck. They are a good way to preserve the look of the boards and provide a strong way to attach them to the framing. Here at CFC the 3 we use are the steel connector clips made by Trex, the universal hidden fastener made by trex and a new system called CAMO hidden fasteners. All three systems hide the screws and clips while providing you the required spacing between boards, making the job easier and more efficient.

Trex Deck Universal Hideaway Fasteners

Trex Universal Fastener for Deck Boards

Trex Deck Fastener Clips

Trex Deck Fastener Clips

CAMO Marksman Pro Deck Fastener Tool

CAMO Deck Fastener Tool