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Design Center

The most important part of a deck is how it looks. You’re installing it, not only for its functionality, but more importantly to enhance the look of your yard. If done properly this deck can beautify your yard, create more livable space, and increase the value of your home. A recent study found that having a beautiful outdoor living space (i.e. a deck) can increase the value of your home more than adding an extra bedroom. That’s why here at CFC we are dedicated to providing a functional, beautiful deck for your yard.


Here in the Design Center we will provide valuable information about design considerations and accessories for your deck. We will consider the size and shape or your deck, the height at which your deck rests, and additional features such lighting, stairs, and siding for your deck.

Perhaps the most useful feature of this section is the Color Virtualizer. This is a tool given to us by Trex® to help you design the deck of your dreams. Explore different color options. Try different railing styles. Expand the vision of what you thought your deck could be. Consider it the dressing room for your outdoor living space.

Whatever your dream deck contains we can help you achieve it. Contact us for more information on how we can turn that dream into a reality.

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