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Entrances & Exits

When designing a deck you need to think about the ins and the outs of decking. In this case, how are you going to get in and out of your deck. Entrances and exits come in more designs than just traditional stairs and doorways. Do you have a hottub or a pool? How about inserting your hottub into your deck? Does your yard get a little swampy when its wet? Consider putting decking over it (after installing a solid foundation) to avoid mud and dirt. Also consider how many access points you’re going to have. Do you want a single access point or multiple points? Where do you want your access points? Do you want stairs or landings or both? All of these will considerably affect the design of your deck.

Stand Alone Decks

Trex Composite Decking Ground Level

We can build your deck wherever you want it. Placing a stand-alone deck adjacent to a pool can help maximize the space in your yard. Building a stand-alone deck over “problem areas” in your yard can turn a mud pit into a gorgeous outdoor space.





Multiple Access Points

Trex Composite Decking, Multiple Entrances

Maybe your home has several potential entrance points to your deck. Multi-level and/or wrap-around deck configurations work well if you want to be able to step onto the deck from upstairs and down-stairs. If you have a second-story deck, multiple staircases usually work best.



Single Access Point

Trex Composite Decking

Sometimes your property will limit access to your deck to just one point off the house. So where should it be? Placing your deck off the kitchen area is a very popular option. This makes entertaining a manageable inside/outside affair. Some homeowners opt to build their deck off of a bedroom. For single-story decks, low transitional stairs can help make a deck feel more expansive.



Pools and Hottubs

Trex Composite Decking Pool and Hot Tub

Have a pool or hottub that you want to incorporate into your deck design? We have built around many hottubs in all  shapes and sizes. Building your hottub into your deck will provide a seamless oasis in your back yard. It will easy the process of getting into your hot tub because it can be at whatever height you are comfortable with it. Also, if you install Trex decking then you won’t have to worry about splinters or water damage when you get out of your hottub or pool.

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