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There are two ways to figure seating out for a deck. The most traditional method is to buy patio furniture or other outdoor chairs or benches. Another, less common way is to build your furniture into your deck as a permanent feature.

Moveable Seating

When selecting movable seating, it is important to look at materials. In Utah, we get lots of snow, rain, and sun. You need something durable. We recommend something that has a UV resistant fabric that won’t deteriorate in the sun. Also, we recommend that you store your furniture out of the elements for the winter or during other snow storms. You also might consider installing a covering your deck to protect your seating.

Built In Seating

For a more durable option consider installing built in decking. The obvious flaw in this design is that you cannot move your furniture, however, with a well planned out deck you won’t need to worry about having adequate seating. Built in deck are stronger, more durable, and last longer than any outdoor furniture. Also, because your seating is made with the same material as your deck your seating will look as good as your deck.

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