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Double the time spent on your deck with Trex Deck Lighting. From late suppers to outdoor slumber parties, Trex Deck Lighting creates a dimmable glow that sets the mood and keeps your deck illuminated. Trex Deck Lighting is available in four styles: post cap lights, deck rail lights, riser lights, and recessed deck lights. Visit our color virtualizer to see how Trex Deck Lighting can look on your Trex deck.

Trex Deck Lighting

Deck Lighting Features:

  • Sophisticated, understated silhouettes to softly illuminate your deck
  • LEDs are rated up to 40,000 hours of the light and use up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lighting
  • Low-voltage lights are extremely durable and cool to the touch
  • Builds into a new deck or retrofits into an existing one
  • Available in multiple colors for a seamless professional look.

Trex Deck Lighting Options:

Post Cap Lighting

Trex Deck Lighting

Trex Deck Lighting post caps are available in all six Transcend railing colors. It has a smooth finish and is ideal for to evenly light any deck.





Deck Rail Lighting

Trex Deck Lighting deck rail lights are perfect for lighting up landings and other small areas. They are available in classic white, charcoal black, and bronze. They are hammer finished to provide extra beauty to your deck.



Riser Lighting

Riser lighting is the perfect addition to any Trex decking stairs. These lights no only provide beauty, but also add safety to your deck. They are available in classic white, charcoal black, and bronze. Like the deck rail lights they are hammer finished to connect all of your designs together.


Recessed Lighting

Trex recessed lighting provides the ultimate in outdoor attraction. These lights  are inset to all Trex deck boards to draw attention to the beauty of your outdoor living space. They are compatible with all Trex decking products.



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