What is Trex Decking?

A Good Investment

Trex decking may be a larger investment up front but but over time will save you more money than a wood deck. After about five years, the cost of owning a wood deck will equal the cost of a Trex deck when you take into consideration the amount you’ll spend in cleaning supplies, stain, and your time. Trex decking also doesn’t weaken, split, or rot over time the way wood does so you won’t be replacing any boards. Trex also offers a 25 year limited residential warranty on all of its products.

A Green Product

Trex is made of 95% recycled materials and is the largest plastic bag recycler in the U.S., with 7 out of 10 recycled grocery bags ending up at Trex (about 1.5 billion bags per year). Trex also saves around 600 million pounds of plastic and wood scrap from landfills every year. No trees are harvested to produce Trex materials. Not only do you get a great looking deck to improve your home but you’re also helping out the environment when you purchase Trex products.

The Rotting Framework on a Deck

When building and replacing decks, sometimes we are able save the existing framework and use it again with new decking. But in some cases we cannot. At times the decking becomes so rotted and old that it becomes dangerous to even stand on the deck surface. But instead of never going out to enjoy your deck, you can call CFC! Not only do we specialize in creating new beautiful decks, we are experts on removal and disposal of decks and fences.

Rotting Framework and Decking

CFC Deck Crew Removing and Disposing of Rotted Deck

Rotting Framework