Trex Transcend deck with Bronze Railing and Trex Seclusions Wrap

There are some projects that just look good. The colors match perfectly with the house and other landscaping that has been done. It all comes together so well that you can’t help but be pleased. This job in Pleasant Grove Utah is one of those jobs.

This deck is a Trex Transcend decking with bronzed iron railing. The homeowners said they wanted the top level of the deck finished this year and next year they’re going to expand it with another level and wrap around stairs. The most interesting aspect of this deck is the under the deck space.

We’ve talked about using Trex RainEscapes to create an outdoor room, but what these homeowners did was create an outdoor storage space under their deck with Trex Seclusions Composite Fencing. By wrapping the bottom of their deck with Trex Seclusions they are able to keep their things out of the elements and safe in their storage area. It creates a seamless look under their deck.

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trex transcend decking utahTrex Seclusions wrapped Trex Decking

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Trex Decking with Trex Railing Gate

We’re often asked if there is any way to enclose deck railing. These customers are looking for a way to keep their dogs or kids or other animals safe. CFC supplies Trex Railing gates, specifically made to match the look of all railing styles and colors.

This deck in Holladay Utah wanted to keep their dogs on their upper level deck without having to worry. They had a Trex Transcend railing gate installed to fix this problem.

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Trex Decking UtahTrex Decking Utah

Trex Decking Installed in South Jordan Utah

This deck is a backyard lover’s dream. It’s multilevel, has a porch swing, hammock, grill, dining area, and covering over the top half. It weighs in at over 700 sq. feet. We finished installing it in South Jordan Utah in July and the home owners love it. I talked with a couple of the kids who say their dad spends every night reading on the deck now and they’re always outside now. They’ve even cooked outside every night for a week.

Now, you may consider this deck to be outside of your price range, but we have the most competitive prices around for Trex Decking products. Also, we’re Utah’s only Trex Pro Platinum dealer, meaning that you have access to Trex’s warranty that now covers installation (if installed by a Pro Gold or Pro Platinum dealer).

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Trex Decking Material and Supply

Trex Transcend Deck Draper Utah

This deck was a pleasure to install. The homeowners, of Draper Utah, said that they wanted a deck that could withstand the wear and tear of their dogs while also looking great and helping them see their spectacular view. We recommended that they have a raised deck with iron railing so that their view isn’t obstructed and they could see over the Salt Lake Valley without any issues.

With Trex Transcend it’s easy to clean off dirt and muddy dog prints. Just take the hose and wash it off. If it’s particularly bad use some soapy water and clean everything up with a soft bristled brush.

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Trex Decking with Iron Railing UtahTrex Decking with Iron Railing Utah

Trex Decking with Iron Railing UtahTrex Decking with Iron Railing Utah

Trex Decking with Iron Railing UtahTrex Decking with Iron Railing Utah

Trex Transcend Deck in Alpine Utah

We recently finished a Trex Transcend deck in Alpine Utah. While this deck is fairly straightforward, it has a unique story behind it. It’s owners live near the base of the Wasatch front. In July 2012, their community was threatened to be destroyed by the Quail Fire. Their home was evacuated only weeks before they had their new deck installed.

Luckily however, the wind changed and the fire was blown up to mountain where it avoided their area. Shortly thereafter the fire was extinguished and their home was safe. Our crews came up and installed this beautiful Trex Transcend Gravel Path deck with Vinyl railing.

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Trex Transcend Alpine Utah InstallationsTrex Alpine Utah Decking Installation

Trex Accents Decking and Mini Winds Fence

A little while ago we installed a Trex Accents deck in Holladay Utah. At first we were honestly a little bit skeptical of the design of the deck. The homeowner wanted built in planters along the perimeter of the deck, in some places he even wanted them to extend beyond his deck. Also, the home owner wanted a bench to extend just beyond the perimiter of his deck.

Our design team took this challenge seriously and worked with the homeowner to come up with the perfect style ideas. The project turned out great. The deck is complimented greatly by the his mini winds fence we installed earlier.

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