BYU Student Walkway

Earlier in the year BYU announced a major change in their campus layout. They’re adding a new pedestrian walkway to help ease pedestrian traffic after new dorms were put in. We love BYU campus. Our owner is a BYU alumni and nearly half of the office is as well. We love the expansions to BYU campus and think the pedestrian walkway will be a beautiful addition.

We do have one suggestion; however, add another boardwalk around the north duck pond.

In 2011 BYU vamped up the south botany pond by adding a Trex Composite Decking boardwalk around the pond. This lifted up visitors out of the mud that surrounded it before and made the whole area more enjoyable for everyone.

The North Duck pond is still lacking. When I drive by the north pond I always see students and families around the pond and they’re always sitting in the dirt or muddy grass around the pond.

Trex Transcend Composite Decking is the perfect solution. It’s already been done south of campus and will help unify the north and south ends of campus together in a unique way. Trex is durable and low maintenance so it won’t take much effort to keep it looking beautify long after the installation project is complete.

We know the perfect company for the job too. CFC is Utah’s only Trex Pro Platinum contractor. Trex has recently adjusted its warranty to include installation if a deck needs to be replaced for any reason. The catch is, that this installation warranty only is valid if a Trex Pro Gold or Trex Pro Platinum dealer installed the deck. In other words, if something does go wrong, by going with CFC then BYU will be ensuring that their deck will look amazing for years to come.

Financing Your Deck

Depending upon the size, scope, and detail of your fence, deck, or pergola project, we understand that the majority of projects are quite a costly investment. Whether adding a new project or replacing an aging fence, deck, or pergola, the decision making process can be daunting. Investing in such a project not only provides a boost in the value of your property, but also provides years of functionality and enjoyment for you. All those things said, in most cases there is also a large financial investment required to complete a fence, deck, or pergola that should be considered.

CFC Fences and Decks requires 50% down prior to the scheduling of a project and then the remaining 50% upon completion. Although some may be able to easily meet those requirements, it may be more difficult for others to have the financial resources upfront. CFC Fences and Decks found a way to help provide another option by utilizing financing through a program offered by US Bank. The program is a consumer credit card with 0% APR for a period of 3-12 months, depending upon creditworthiness and approval. The process is simple and you can even apply online at: . Additionally, you can visit a local branch to apply as well. Once you have received your credit card, contact CFC Fences and Decks to pay in full on the upcoming project. Keep in mind that the application, approval, and receipt of the credit card can take a little bit of extra time, so you will want to plan your fence, deck, or pergola project timing accordingly. We look forward to working with you!

Customize Your Deck

Most deck contractors will not give you any information about the design of your deck unless you have an estimator come into your home. At CFC we believe that you need to have information in order to be happy with your choices. We’ve provided a Design Center to help you make the most informed decisions on the design and installation of your deck.

Trex Decking Utah Utah Deck Materials

CFC specializes in unique deck styles. In fact a major competitor of our company based in Utah said to a customer, “If anyone can build this design, CFC can”. The customer called us up and we installed one of the biggest curves we’ve ever installed in a deck.

We’ve done everything from building massive custom decks shaped like leaves to decks with built in planters and sunken hot tubs.  If you’ve got an idea, submit it to our expert deck designer and he’ll let you know if it’s possible and what the implications are of the design.

Perhaps the most useful feature of our site is the Color Visualizer. This is a tool given to us by Trex® to help you design the deck of your dreams. Explore different color options. Try different railing styles. Expand the vision of what you thought your deck could be. Consider it the dressing room for your outdoor living space.

We’ll provide the tools you need to design any deck. We’ll also discuss with you any concepts you’ll have to make your deck be the deck of your dreams.

Remember like our competitors say: “If anyone can build [it], CFC can.”


Dunford Deck

Customer contacted CFC Fences & Decks to take down their old deck and replace it with a new Trex Transcends 131 square foot deck. This was the first Trex Transcends deck installed by CFC Fences & Decks since the Transcends Series was released in spring 2010.

Tree House color was chosen from the Transcends Series with an additional specialty installed Trex Rain Escape Drainage System. This allows liquids to drain through the deck boards into the Rain Escape product that steers the liquids into a down spout connected to the house. This prevents things from getting wet below if a deck is installed overhead a walking or sitting area. Railing installed on this deck was Transcends Designer Series color being Tree House.