Decking Upgrades

Your deck is the outdoor extension of your living space. You’ve customized your home to look attractive and suit your style, and you should do the same for your deck.  Deck upgrades are often affordable ways to add a unique flair to your outdoor living space. Whether it’s aesthetic touches such as borders or trim around your deck and decorative covering for beams and stairs or structural elements like seating and skirting, CFC is the right company for all your decking needs.These upgrades take your deck from boring to beautiful. Learn more about each of these upgrades and ask our contractors about how to make them work for you.

Built-In Seating

Built-in seating is one of our most popular upgrades. There’s no need to buy extra deck furniture when you can have benches built right into your deck. Making seating from the same material as your deck means it’s also low-maintenance and durable. There’s no need to put it away when the snow falls. And you’ll always have a place to relax and enjoy your deck. 



Deck skirting is often used to close off a deck that is less than two stories off the ground. Whether you need several feet or just a few inches, enclosing the space can give your deck a more finished appearance. Lattice or deck boards have been used, but our most popular deck skirting is actually Trex Seclusions Fencing. 


Your deck shouldn’t be limited to just one color. A border around your deck in a complementary color adds interest and can highlight your railing. Ask your contractor about our most popular color pairings.

Pre-Stained Lumber

As an alternative to deck skirting or post wrapping, we can stain the framing posts and lumber to match the color of your deck. This gives your deck a cohesive appearance and adds the perfect finishing touch.


Deck wrapping, or post wrapping, covers the posts used to frame your deck. You can choose from a few types of materials in many different colors to hide the unfinished lumber. Not only does this create a seamless look for your deck, it also protects the posts.


Deck fascia is the trim that wraps around the edge of the deck that hides the framing beneath the deck boards. You can customize fascia by mixing and matching deck colors or changing the width.

Trex Decking Products

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