Trex Lighting

Double the time spent on your deck with Trex Deck Lighting. From late suppers to outdoor slumber parties, Trex Deck Lighting creates a dimmable glow that sets the mood and keeps your deck illuminated. Trex Lights can be placed on posts, rails, stairs, or right in your deck boards, so you have them where you need them. These energy-efficient LED’s can last up to 40,000 hours and are cool to the touch. Whether you’re looking for safety or sophistication, Trex Lighting can improve your deck. 



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Longer, Safer Nights

With Trex Lighting, you can enjoy your deck long after the sun goes down. And no more worrying about tripping over stairs or furniture.


Trex Lights are made for even the harshest climates and can withstand sun, wind, and water. They also come with a 7-year limited warranty. 

Energy Efficient

Trex uses LEDs in their lighting which uses 75% less energy than a regular incandescent bulb. And wiring them on a timer or a switch means they’re only on when you need them. 


Trex Lighting comes in 4 different styles, to be placed almost anywhere on your deck. And the housing comes in standard Trex colors to match. 

Trex Transcend


Post Cap Light

Deck Rail Light

Stair Riser Light

Recessed Deck Light