Vinyl Railing

  • Trex Transcend Gravel Path Deck with Vinyl Railing

Vinyl railing is an economical alternative to Trex railings. Available in 2 classic colors, vinyl is a simple, clean look that can pair wood and Trex decks. It’s low-maintenance and won’t crack or fade in the changing weather. Our vinyl products also come with a lifetime warranty.  However, vinyl is often used as a decorative railing because it’s not as sturdy or strong as Trex or IronGuard. 



Railing Colors

Vinyl Railing White
Vinyl Railing Tan

Featured Upgrade


Trex Lighting


Vinyl railing will never need painting, staining, or sanding. Clean-up is a breeze with soap and water.


Vinyl is less expensive than it’s Trex and IronGuard counterparts, but it’s important to remember you get what you pay for.


High-quality vinyl is used for our vinyl railings and its color is protected with UV inhibitors.

Lifetime Warranty

Our vinyl railings are protected with a limited lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, stripping, discoloration, and corrosion.